Wonderful Narrow Kitchen Island

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Wonderful Narrow Kitchen Island – Kitchen will always be a perfect place for people to enjoy foods. Kitchen is the hearth of home, because there we do many things with foods, and lovely people around us. Having the best island is the dream of everyone. So you should make sure that you find the right kitchen design with the appropriate feature as well. Kitchen island is a feature that almost contemporary kitchens have. But for you who have small kitchen in studio appartment or in your small home, a small kitchen becomes a trouble. So you will need a narrow kitchen island.

Wonderful Narrow Kitchen Island

Narrow kitchen island will be really appropriate if you live in an apartment or any rented home. It is not easy to decor its kitchen, but narrow kitchen island will be such a great solution. It is also the solution for very little space work you have there.

Narrow Kitchen Island

This kitchen feature will be very very useful because they offer an extra workspace because it provides more counter space. Beside, it also has the extra storage underneath so it can be a perfect help if you cannot fit everything in your normal kitchen cabinets.

Narrow Kitchen Island cabinets

There are some others feature that an island offers. You also even can have the place to pull up stools and create a small breakfast bar. You should consider to have a kitchen islands with stools with mini breakfast bar. It will be really work best in your small kitchen area. It can accommodate one or two people to sit and eat there. And as the alternative, you also can consider to have a portable kitchen island on wheels.

narrow kitchen island ideas

This is also as another popular options for people that has problem with a limited kitchen space. The island on wheel is usually smaller than other standard kitchen island.

narrow kitchen island ikea

A portable island with wheel is also usually topped with either a wooden slab or a metal top. It can also provide provide extra counter space and shelves or cabinets. But it does not provide you sink or stove that needs plumbing and electricity system. For narrow kitchen island selection, this type of island will be great.