Kitchen Island Dimensions and Designs

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Kitchen Island Dimensions and Designs – Are you going to build for a kitchen island? If you want to have an excellent kitchen? You also need to consider well to have an island. Kitchen island is also the focal point in every kitchen, and you need to consider well about its existence in order to have excellent appealing. Kitchen island dimensions will be the things become very important to take into account. Kitchen island will be focal point and versatile. Of course you need to consider to have this feature for your kitchen. Make a plan about it is really important, so you will have successful kitchen appealing.

Kitchen Island Dimensions and Designs

Do you feel so confuse about the kitchen island dimensions? Here we have some kitchen island dimension information that hopefully can help you to make a plan. First, we are talking about the placement.

kitchen island dimensions

Kitchen island is usually placed in the center of kitchen. And then, you also should make a consideration about its size. It might be large or small, will depends on you. So when you have small kitchen size, you can consider for a cart or such kind of small island design. If you have large kitchen, consider for the large island with round or square shape.

kitchen island dimensions with sink and dishwasher

For the kitchen island dimensions, you can think about the height of it at first. The recommended standard height for an island is 36 inches. It will be appropriate for preparation and cooking. Sometime it is added with the bar stools as well.

kitchen island dimensions standard

For professional kitchen island, the recommended standard height is 42 inches for an island that will be used mainly for seating. For its wide, it should be about 2 or 3 feet if you require more counter space and eating space. For cook top or sink on island, there is about 7 feet you will need. A kitchen island also should have at least 2 feet deep, and 3 feet of floor space from its end.

kitchen island dimensions with seating

Having an island becomes usual thing today, and it is very popular. So if you want to upgrade your kitchen appealing, you need to consider for having and island within it. Thank you for reading, and good luck.