How much the inground pool prices installed

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The average inground pool prices installed is cost between $35.500 and $65.000. The cost that you need to spend will depend on the type of pool you build, size and the location. When you added custom features such as hot tubs and waterfalls, then it can add additional cost start from $1000 to $7000 to the total installed project. Here are the costs breakdowns that you need to do when estimating the project.

The type of pool

The inground pool is available in 3 types, the vinyl, concrete, and the fiberglass.

• Vinyl. The cost for install vinyl is starting $20.000 to $40.000. The vinyl pool is popular as this pool type is easy to maintenance and the versatility. This pool type also has various designs shapes and able to custom designs. The algae do not grow easily in the surfaces of the vinyl pool so the cost for chemicals use is commonly lower than using concrete. The maintenance cost after 10 years period will cost around $10.000 to $17.000.

the vinyl

• Concrete. The initial cost for install concrete pool is around $30.000 to $50.000. This pool type needs higher cost as this type pool usually has a larger size than other pool types and need more chemicals and electricity to keep the pool always clean and comfortable to swim. Concrete is a very durable pool type, but this type tends to have mold and algae when it is not maintained properly. The pool will need to wash with acid to keep algae forming and sticking. Include the cost for re-plastering and acid wash, over 10 year’s period, the cost for maintenance is about $27.000 to $40.000.


• Fiberglass. The initial cost for the fiberglass pool type is $20.000 to $36.000. This is the lowest maintenance cost from the three types beyond as average cost about $4000 to $6000. This also may become the easiest pool types for clean and maintain as there are no special requirements for the preformed shells pool.


Size and location

Size and location

Size and location are the next factors that impact your inground pool cost. The cist average $50 to $100 per square for a pool. And the depth also impacts the cost. Small pool with base 10×20 feet and 5 half feet deep have estimated cost around $10.000. For deeper head-first dive, it is recommended to have at least 9 feet deep that cost typically starts $20.000. The larger size can cost about $34.000.

The location will affect the cost of the inground pool prices installed as it has several factors to consider such as:

• The cost in the living area

• The beneath of the ground as the layered rock will cost more

• The distance of the crew needs to go to your house.

Custom pool and accessories to build

accessories pool

When you need to create landscape and accessories for your pool, then there is sky’s limit as there are many features that available to customize such as shape, spas, rocks, lighting, waterfalls, diving boards, and many more. When you decide to build an inground pool, then ask the professional to count inground pool prices installed with the features and accessories that you want to build too.