Choosing Materials in In-ground Swimming Pools Sale

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Picking a good material on any in-ground swimming pools sale available around your place is important. This is because the material can affect the shape and building time. Most pool builders or contractors may do some sale or offer a discounted price for summer installation or early spring. There are three main materials that can be used for building a swimming pool.

Concrete as the in-ground swimming pool material


Albeit being the most popular and most expensive, concrete pool is considered as one of the best material for swimming pool. Most people called it as shotcrete pool or Gunite. This is because the concrete will be shot through a hose that has a gun-like sprayer into steel-reinforced walls. Once the mixture is hardened, the next step is plaster, smooth trowel, and pain the pool.

The biggest advantage in using concrete is that it can be formed into any form and shape, perfect for a fully customized pool. Also, this material is considered the strongest and most durable compared to other materials. But the time to build a concrete swimming pool is quite lengthy around 3 to 12 weeks. Another benefit of a concrete pool is it can be enlarged, refinished, or rebuilt compared to other materials.

Using vinyl for your in-ground swimming pool

the vinyl

Considered as the second most popular material for an in-ground pool, a vinyl-lined pool is getting more popular these days. A one-piece flexible liner will be put into an excavated hole, attached to a wall that utilizes steel or aluminum frame. The size and shape of this type of pool are limited. The common one is rectangular but you may see some L-shape or freeform liners in-ground pool. The building process can take time around one to three weeks.

The biggest disadvantage of this material is that it can be torn by pointy objects be it toys, your pet’s teeth, or your garage tools. To prevent this to happen, you can opt to use a thicker vinyl-liner that has a thickness of at least 20 mm or more.

Fiberglass in-ground swimming pool


This material comes in a fixed shape installed to an excavated hole. So you can’t experiment with the shape because it the material has a very limited option. The biggest advantage of this material is it can be installed very quickly, with the fastest installation can be done in three days. Another thing is that the material is the cheapest compared to the other two.

The gel-coat finish applied on a fiberglass pool is also extremely durable and non-porous, so you will spend fewer chemicals compared to using a concrete pool. But, you have to own a big space with no overhead wires or lines. This is required so the crane for installing the pool can maneuver easily and the installation process can be done quickly without having problems.

An in-ground swimming pool is a good way to enhance your house for an extra room for relaxing and playing. If you come to in-ground swimming pools sale, make sure you know what type of material is the best installed at your home.