Home Swimming Pool Installation

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Making a swimming pool can be done by anyone, including contractors or common people. However, it is, indeed, much better to have an experienced expert help you design and do the home swimming pool installation. There are at least 5 stages of making a swimming pool that you should know.

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Home Swimming Pool Installation Stages

1. Land Excavation

Soil excavation work is often seen as a trivial job. But to minimize the costs and make the work become effective, we recommend you to hire experienced workers.

2. Brick Installation

In installing the bricks, you should use only the high-quality brick and sand materials to allow your swimming pool last long.

3. Iron Installation

You need to consider the soil conditions in the process of installing the iron. If the soil conditions not stable, double cleaning may be needed.

4. Casting Works

In this step, you should choose a good casting material, try to make the casting a swimming pool done at one time. You also need to check in more detail whether the concrete casting results are porous. And if there is a connection, make sure it is well-connected, attached, solidly adhered.

5. Finishing Works

This step includes the process of plastering, waterproofing with a cement base, ceramic finishing, cleaning, and purification.

After knowing the steps of installing a swimming pool, you probably want to know some tips that will help you get your new swimming pool installed perfectly.

Home Swimming Pool Installation Tips

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1. Digging a Hole

Rent a professional to dig a hole using the machine, because digging such a big and deep hole manually will take a long time. Meanwhile, digging using a machine will only take 1-2 days. Thus, you can immediately focus on the construction of the pool.

2. Strengthening foundation

Swimming pool construction must be strong enough from earthquake shaking. That is why you will need a steel plate to make the wall and floor frame. Ask for help from some friends, because this work will involve moving and installing heavy steel that can be dangerous.

3. Flooring

As the steel is installed in place, you can start applying concrete as a swimming pool floor. Find out how much cement you need for the size of your pool and use the truck to carry it.

4. Building walls

When the floor is solid, it’s time to build walls using concrete. You have to make sure this wall has a strong coating so it doesn’t collapse easily.

5. Pouring Concrete

Pour the concrete up to several layers to form the wall. You can also use a cement vibrator to remove air sticking between the layers of concrete.

6. Applying Water Resistant Material

Now the main structure is complete. You must apply several layers of water-resistant material on the walls and floors. You can do this work yourself, but make sure to use the right product.

7. Installing ceramics

Use the same materials and methods to install ceramics in the kitchen or bathroom.

If the steps are done properly and the tips are applied as explained, your own swimming pool will be ready to use and will definitely last long.