Home Plans with Basements and Remodeling Tips

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Home plans with basements are generally almost as similar as a two-story house. You just might need to make more efforts on insulation, pipes and plumbing, and other fixtures application on the basement.

But in this article, we will show you how you deal with your basement. If you just bought a house with a basement in it, you might need to do some improvements and remodeling. Here we have several tips you can consider and apply in your new house.    Basement Plan

Create a rec room or a family room


Basement is quite ideal for a social activity and this makes a perfect spot for a family room or a recreation room. Pool table, big screen TC, and board games along with the craft supplies will fit in the basement. You can décor the basement just like any other room upstairs. Making the room so cozy is highly recommended so it can accommodate a few people. Do not forget to provide a good lighting to make the basement as functional as possible.

Bedroom and bath

Basement Bedroom and bath

It is very possible to include bedroom and bath inside the basement. If people tend to make the basement as the washing or laundry room, you need to make an innovation right there. A basement bedroom will be suitable for teens or guests. The bathroom will just accommodate people who live in the basement. Do not forget to include a comfortable bedroom and an emergency exit. Long story short, the basement should have not always been about a dark place where you store any unneeded item.

Kitchen and laundry room

Basement Kitchen

Basement Laundry

If you just want to make this spot in your home where you can have the fun for yourself or with your favorite people, you can turn the basement into a mini kitchen or wet bar. You can also combine a mini kitchen with a bedroom and bath to make a one-stop guest suite in your home. If you can also include the electrical in the basement, you may also put refrigerator, microwave, and some other appliances.

This will also be a good idea for a laundry room. But when you want to turn your basement into a laundry room then you need to figure out the access outside for the dryer and the floor drain as well. However, it is not impossible after all.

Built-in storage

Basement for familly

You will always need storage everywhere in your house and it also works in the basement. But, if you want to make the basement as a living space in your house, you will need to make it very homey and comfy. Creating a built-in storage in the basement is a good idea. The storage will look attractive and make the room more spacious if you make it in a ceiling-height. Neutral colors are highly recommended, so it will look bright and sleek.

Those things above are some great ideas to remodel your basement. Basically, a basement can be a fun room or your escape after a long yet tiring day. Still, it needs a good planning of home plans with basements.