3 Essential Tips on Home Plans for Narrow Lots

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If you need preference for home plans for narrow lots, there are several things you need to know. We have several tips for you who have a plan to build a house in a city area with a small lot available.

It is true if small lots become very popular for several recent years. This is why the small blocks get more and more in demand. In order to maximize the investment of your property, you need to consider things before start to build from scratch.

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What is a small lot?

This question has various answers but, in general, a small lot is less than 450 sqm or less than 600 sqm without the access way if this is a rear lot. Creating a house in a lot with this kind of area then you need a narrow block. Letting this project run by a builder is highly recommended but you must make sure that you know their quality and they know yet familiar the local regulation as well.

Make the spaces work hard

Since the spaces in your home are narrow and limited, it is better if a room works for such a multitasking work. For an instance, you may not get a dedicated space for a study room or workspace. However, you can create a nook in the house to accommodate this need. Under the stairwell might be the perfect spot for this work site. Under the stairwell may also be a great space for a built-in storage. Anything you decide, think that every space does matter, so you need to make the most of it.

Spaciousness is important

When you build a house on a narrow lot, you do not have the advantage of horizontal. This is why you need to utilize the vertical space by keeping the ceiling heights high. The minimum height is 2.7 meters. If possible, you must put the living areas face to the north. That side will give you a lot of natural light without dry space out. And if the spot hits by sunlight so hard, do not forget to provide an adequate sun shade or awnings.

The open-plan living

Pokey spaces are the last thing you want when you live in a narrow lot. Keeping the flow in the house is really important and crucial so you do not feel any barrier in the house. For an instance, you can make the kitchen area flows lightly into the living room followed with other areas in the house. The open-plan ideas are things you need when you have a very limited space to build and decorate.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore the connection between the indoor and outdoor area. The alfresco area is not the only thing you can do. A narrow walkway on the side of your house will be a nice feature in your house. If you are afraid that space could be so boring, you can put some greenery on your home plans for narrow lots.