Interior Designers’ Ideas for the Hall and Dining Area Designs

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Working on hall and dining area designs can be pretty exhausting and tricky, but it is still necessary in order to make your room look stunning. If you wish to know how to design the room mentioned earlier, you can copy these ideas from the expert mentioned in this article. Well, shall we proceed to the ideas?

1. Keech Green  

Luxury design dining room

The first one in this article is Keech Green, which not a person but a company which specializes in interior design for a house. Established in 2002, Keech Green has always managed to design several rooms and all of them are satisfying. There are a lot of rooms this company has designed so you would not need to worry about its capability.

Keech Green has designed so many halls and dining rooms, but one of the most famous designs is the design it created for its client in North London. The company took an inspiration from a room in the movie titled The Great Gatsby, and the dining room itself has varnished wooden walls and is equipped with curved doors. The glamorous atmosphere is very visible with the use of upholstered dining chairs which their fabrics are colored in gold and cream. Above the head, you can use an overhead lighting with an Alabaster Bowl container to provide a dim and soft glow. The main table is made of mahogany.

2. Samantha Morphew

Kingdom design dining room

The next one of is from Samantha Morphew, an interior expert from Essex, United Kingdom. She is the founder of Morph Designs, a company which specializes in interior design, including hall and dining area designs. The quality of the works made by this company is pretty high.

The best hall and dining area design made by Samantha Morphew is her design for the client which required her to design a dining area based on a hotel boutique. To achieve the vibe commonly found in a hotel, she had to purchase a set of dining chairs which are made of durable fabric. She designed a dining table by herself in order to gain an authentic feel, but you can use a good-looking dining table which is equipped with a glass on top of it to replicate her work. On the other hand, she put a dresser at the corner of the room to allow the homeowner to store any dining appliance in it. By the way, about the color palette, she used pebble tones as the main color and combined the main color with black.

3. Zoe Durrant

Modern design dining room

The designer is from London and she is the founder of an interior expert company, which is Starfish Interiors. The company specializes in designing rooms with modern touch and feel. However, the creativity is pretty high.

Zoe Durrant prefers to accentuate the tactile feel of a dining room, so, she made this design as comfortable as possible, but still simple. She used blond woods as the furniture in the dining room and filled the room with plush lux accessories. The furnishings used were also soft. Besides, she maximized the natural lighting in the room to create a contrast. Well, those were the hall and dining area designs by the experts!