Trends on Front Room Decorating Designs to Follow

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Front room decorating designs are the most tempting things to follow in order to possess a good front room. Owning a good front room, or more commonly called a living room, is essential because it is the place where you spend your time together with your friends or your family at home. Well, let’s see the trends

1. Paint colors

Paint colors

The first trend when decorating a front room is regarding the color of the paint you use. It has been a long time that grey is popular as the color for a front room since it is considered as a neutral color, and neutral colors are perfect to color any room, including the living room. However, there is a trend visible in terms of color, which is choosing a wider variety of colors to color the front room. In 2018, moody interiors are now increasingly more popular, and using multiple shades at once is now more commonly used than ever. So, what are the key colors you need to use to color the front room? The key colors you would want to use to color the front room are emerald green, navy blue, and violet.

Using bold or dark colors does not have to cause an intimidating effect. If used properly, they will not make the room look smaller, as opposed to the popular belief. Color blocking is the best way to color your front room. But what is color blocking? Color blocking is using multiple shades in every section that is clearly defined.

2. Indoor plants for decoration

Decoration Room

Decoration Room Halloween

The next trend of front room decorating designs is using the indoor plant as a way to decorate the room. Any indoor plants, whether it’s a tiny cactus or a larger potted plant, never fails to create a refreshing look for the room. You can use many plants or only a minimal number of plants and each of them provides different levels of refreshing effect.

3. Small space solutions

Small space ideas

Small space

Over time, the size of houses for sale shrinks since the availability of land is getting scarce. To make matters worse, houses are often not affordable and some people are forced to rent for apartments that are definitely not large. With this kind of situation, people need more solutions to create a creative way to make a comfortable place in a space that is relatively not roomy.

So, what is the solution for a small house, as well as a small front room? Well, one of the most popular solutions available that can be followed is easily is to use modular or multipurpose furniture. Using this kind of furniture is definitely a way to go since it allows you to do multiple activities without eating too much space. For example, you can purchase a sofa which is designed to contain bookshelves as well. Or, there are many examples of furniture that can be used as a chair and as a table with minor modifications. Well, those were the trends of front room decorating designs!