Drawing Room Setting Ideas

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Before we explore drawing room setting ideas, we should know what a drawing room is.

A drawing room is a space in a large house for receiving and entertaining visitors to your home. It is British in origin. The drawing room is considered a formal space. The room’s dimensions would be medium to large in size. Drawing rooms are from a bygone era. That era is sometimes known as the Victorian age.Drawing Room Setting Ideas

Drawing RoomThe term “drawing” room is an abbreviation of “withdrawing” room. This was a room in British manors where ladies would withdraw following the completion of the meal in the dining room. In the 18th through the late 19th century this was the expected behavior for the Ladies. Men would customarily remain in the dining room after finishing the meal and smoke cigars and have a male-oriented conversation. After finishing their cigars and a libation, the men would join the ladies in the drawing room.

The evening’s entertainment would usually occur in the drawing room with the mixed company assembled together in the room. The entertainment could be anything from poetry recital to musical performance. This room would also be used for private conversations.

Originally, the room was placed near to the front entrance of the manor. This would make it easier for greeting the arriving guests. The drawing room was later moved closer to the dining room to facilitate the ladies who were withdrawing from the dining room.

In modern times, the drawing room transitioned into what we now call a formal living room. In today’s larger homes, the floor plan would probably include a formal dining room and a formal living room.

The formal living room is generally used for entertaining guests during holidays and special occasions.

Formal living room design elements

Formal living room

Formal living room Design

The key words for this space are elegant and sophisticated. This is a room that we want to impress our guests with.

Textured wallpaper will bring a sense of elegance to the room. You may want to choose a neutral color with golden hues that accent the elegant pattern of the wallpaper.

Use bold regal colors like blue on the furnishings. This will also accent the dark wood floors.

Make sure to incorporate architectural design elements such as high baseboards with a scrolling top feature, crown moldings, chair rails, thick window and wood door trim. You might also consider a coiffured ceiling.

Dramatic lighting that may include crystal chandeliers and wall sconces. Lamp lighting can be used to impart a regal touch.

Artwork such as wall paintings, floor vases, sculptures, and statue busts will bring the feel of sophistication into the formal living room.

Classic look sofas and sitting chairs with luxurious upholstery should be a part of the furnishings.

Heavy, patterned drapes that reflect the elegance of the room are powerful accents.

Built-in cabinetry utilizing elegant dark wood finishes such as; shelving, bookcases, wall units, and credenzas can add that elegant feel to the room.



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