Dining Room Table Design Ideas

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Dining room table design ideas will encompass many different design motifs. Our dining rooms are a space in our homes that we would usually gather for a more formal meal. The dining table is most likely, the focus of the room. It is possible to design the dining space around a table selected. It is recommended to have a design concept before a dining room table design is decided upon.

Besides your living/family room, your dining room table set is probably going to be the most used furniture in the home.

Dining room table design ideas

Dining room space

When choosing a table set you must consider the available space. Family/dinner guests should have enough room to sit comfortably and move around the table. The dining table chairs will need enough clearance from the wall to enable the chair to be moved without hitting the wall.

Dining room space

Table size and shape

Table size and shape

There is a myriad of options available in dining room table shapes and sizes. You need to first consider what will look appealing in the space you have. The majority of dining rooms are rectangular or square in shape. A rectangular or square table would most likely look best in that space. Another consideration is that a rectangular/square table can be pushed against the wall. After the meal is completed, additional space would now be available for other activities in the dining room. If your dining room is small, a round table might be a good choice. Round tables can easily accommodate extra chairs when needed.

Another option for smaller dining spaces is the expandable dining room table. These dining room tables can easily accommodate, your temporary, 2-4 extra guests.

Dining table material

The most often material choice for a dining room table is wood. The 2nd most chosen is glass. Composite materials and sleek concrete tops are gaining in popularity within contemporary designs. The classic choice of a wood top will always have a certain charm and warmth. Glass dining table tops are very good choices for tight spaces. These table tops will give the illusion of extra space.

Dining table material


Dining table chairs

Once again, several options will be available. People with wood dining tables will usually choose wood dining chairs. The chair design and material will match the design of the table. Fabric upholstered or leather upholstered chairs are also popular with wooden dining tables. Glass dining table tops will usually have a metal, stone or composite base. You can follow traditional pairing options or maybe experiment with your own design sense.

Dining table chairs

Dining room décor

  • Formal

For a formal décor, you would probably choose a rectangular, dark wood table top with curved legs. You would choose the dining room chairs that complement that design.

Dining Room Formal

  • Casual

For a casual décor, you may consider a farmhouse style dining table with benches instead of chairs. A glass dining table top with durable fabric upholstered chairs might be appealing also.

Dining Room Casual

  • Conclusion

This article has been brief in scope. There are so many more options and ideas available to you. It is recommended that you perform your own in-depth research to find your own dining room table design ideas that suit you.

Dining Room Conclusion