Guide to design My Sitting Room

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What do I need to consider when I design my sitting room? The sitting room is one room where you can just enjoy the day; talk with your friends, or to serving the guests.

Guide to design sitting room furniture

Decorate my sitting room   Good Design Sitting Room

There are several factors that you need to consider when you design your sitting room. Here is what you need to arrange furniture

• Create conversation areas. This is the essential key for the sitting room. Sitting room means you need to make conversation or comfort seating. You will need a sofa or chairs that face each other’s and close enough so you can have a natural conversation with people in front of you. If the room has a large size, you can create more than one conversation areas.

• Balancing is the first thing to need to consider. It is important to ensuring the balance for arranging and décor the furniture that you put into your sitting room. You may need to consider for the placement and various sizes of the furniture items. Do not place a group of small or large items in one area or gather it in one side area. This can create the uneven look in your space. Make sure the area has various shape.

• Consider the traffic. The traffic flow is another key thing when arranging furniture. You need to ensure when to arranging it; it does not make people tripping over the furniture, or each other when they need to pass to the room. Make sure that there is a couple of feet to creating space between sofa and coffee table, and between the chairs itself. You need to create a clear path in the areas so people can walk in easy from one room to other room.

• Use the right rugs size. When you decide to use rugs, then ensure it has the right size.

• Use proper lighting. Lighting is another key for important elements in any room. For your sitting room, use a mix of overhead lightings, table or side lamps (or sconces lamp) and the floor lamps. The floor lamp will be perfect to place at the end of sofa or behind of accent chair. Table lamps will nice to set on shelves, side tables, and in mantels. You need to place lighting in different levels to create balanced lighting that liberally comes to your room.

Decorate my sitting room

design sitting room furniture

Design Decorate my sitting room

When you decorate your sitting room, then style will be the first thing that needs to be considered.

• Play with patterns. The combination of floral pattern wallpaper and ikat chairs can create decorative stunning in the contemporary sitting room. The yellow color scheme looks perfect when combining with the egg blue in the ground space.

• Set your mood with bright colors. Colors that you choose for your sitting room will affect your mood and guests mood feel when sitting in the area. The bright color can energize or relax your space depend to the intense of the color and how warm or cool the color are.

• Finish for ceiling and walls. When design sitting room, this room will receive the formal treatment or elaborate because this is public space. You need to design as welcoming as that will express the homeowner personality and reflect the style.

• Stylish and comfortable flooring option. This is the area where you sit and you need to provide comfort underfoot design.

Do not forget; create a focal point for designing my sitting room as this will draw the space.