How to Design a Kitchen Layout

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When design a kitchen layout then it is important to consider several important factors such as kitchen triangle’s position option. Here is a brief guide to help you make your best kitchen layout design.

The basic kitchen layout design

basic kitchen layout

The basic kitchen layout design

basic kitchen layout design   The basic kitchen layout

The basic kitchen layout design is considered the triangle kitchen work arrangement, the storage options areas, countertop, and major appliances. When design or remodel your kitchen, then the first thing that you need to consider is the overall kitchen layout. There is 6 type of kitchen layout that you can choose and apply for your kitchen.

1. One wall kitchen layout. This is the type of kitchen layout that generally found in small space such as a studio or loft because this is a design that ultimate space saver. The cabinet and the appliances arranged in a single wall. In modern design, it uses an island that involves the space for galley style for a walk in the corridor.

2. Galley kitchen. This is an efficient and lean layout that perfect for one-cook area kitchen with smaller space. The galley kitchen is characterized by two walls that opposites in each other or two countertops that arranged paralleled with the walkway between both of them. The galley kitchen is best for maximizing the square in space.

3. Horseshoe kitchen. The horseshoe is also called with U-shape kitchen design layout. This layout consists of 3 walls cabinet or appliances. Recently, this shape also works well with L-shape kitchen layout with 2 walls and one island as the third wall.

4. L-shape kitchen layout. The K-shape kitchen layout is perfect for you who want to maximize the corner space and this is an ideal design for the kitchen in small and medium size. The versatile L-shape kitchen is consisting with countertops that 2 adjoining walls and performing L. This shape design will eliminate the traffic. You also can add dining space and multi-zones work. However, this is not ideal for large kitchen size.

Kitchen layout mistakes that you do not want to make when design kitchen layout

• Wasting storage space. Storage is the most important thing in designing a kitchen. Kitchen typically loads with a lot of kitchen stuff and most of it requires space such as food processor and others. Make built-in cabinet kitchen can be expensive and a big design can create a limited area in your kitchen. If the kitchen area is small, then use the extra-long upper cabinet with a mold that gives extra space for storage.

• Inadequate space counters areas. This is one of the most complaints issues of kitchen layout with the lack of counter space. All kitchens need countertop as well as the kitchen appliances and utilities will place there. You need to make enough area with open surface areas in the kitchen as possible as.

• Poor lighting. Evaluate areas where you need to work and focus to add each spot with enough lighting. Consider lighting that directly above to the main work areas.

• Poor ventilation. The kitchen is areas where you work with many ingredients and sometimes it gives bad odors. The good kitchen should have good ventilation,

• Choose the wrong kitchen island. When you kitchen island choose with the design a kitchen layout then it should consider additional storage, serving areas and preparation areas in the kitchen.