Color Palettes for Current Living Room Designs

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Using current living room designs to design your room is obviously important, but you also need to pay attention to the color palettes for them. The quality of a design also depends on the choice of colors to paint the living room. Below you will find the best color palettes for your living room.

1. Black, white, and powder blue combination

Black, white, and powder blue Living Room


The first color palette for coloring your living room is a palette which is composed of black, white, and powder blue. This kind of color palette makes a good living room design and you should try to apply it, especially if you love to give a refreshing twist to the look of your living room. Sure, a combination between black and white is a common color palette that can be found almost everywhere, but combining the palette with blue is a twist that is uncommon yet absolutely refreshing. As an idea, instead of painting the wall with white and using black furniture, you can choose to paint the wall with powder blue color and using several pieces of furniture with two colors, which are black and white (both colors are combined, not separated). Powder blue color is chosen since it has a unique accent for one of your current living room designs. There are some furniture shops which sell this type of furniture.

2. Navy blue, black, and beige combination

Navy blue, black, and beige Living Room


Now, let’s see the next color palette you can use for your current living room. Even though navy blue, black, and beige are one of the darkest colors available on the market, it is not a terrible idea to combine them and use them to paint a living room. The reason why combining these dark colors is not a bad idea at all is that these colors can give a modern look for your living space. Of course, a modern look is absolutely desirable for anyone who loves to design a living room with recent trends and style! As a suggestion, you can use beige as the color of the sofa in your living room, navy blue for the walls, and black might be used as the color of the sofa pillows.

3. Yellow, red, and orange combination

Yellow, red, and orange Living Room


After two examples of color palettes that are relatively calm and smooth, it is time to look for another design that is strikingly different. Instead of using calm colors, you can combine bright colors like yellow, red, and orange in order to create an energetic atmosphere. This kind of color combination makes you feel powerful every time you spend a time in the living room. However, it is arguable that this kind of palette may look too strong, and a way to soothe the room is actually possible. Try to use furniture or accessories that feature warmer colors, like a turquoise-blue vase on the coffee table.

4. Navy, turquoise, and pink combination

Navy, turquoise, and pink Living Room


By combining navy, turquoise, and pink, you can make your living room look happier. These colors create a combination of feminine and masculine details into one, perfect for a house inhabited by a couple. The room will also look bright and airy thanks to the color selection. Well, those were the color palettes for your current living room designs!