How to make a Perfect Country Kitchen Design

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Country kitchen design has been popular for a long time, and it has become more popular recently. The reason why it has become popular again is that there is a growing rate of people’s appreciation towards craftsmanship, which is essential when designing a country kitchen. Below you will find the steps to design a country kitchen. Well, let’s see how you can make one!

1. Be careful with color selection

Color Kitchen

The first thing you have to do when designing a kitchen with the country style of design is to pick the color but be careful when doing it. A wrong choice could make your kitchen does not look good at all! Instead of owning a country kitchen, you would make it look like a shack, and that is definitely not a good thing at all. So, be careful when choosing the colors!

Okay, those instructions and warnings above definitely sound scary, but what is the suitable color for a country kitchen? As a focus color, the best you choose is white since it is a good color for any kinds of kitchen, including a country kitchen. Besides, white can make a room look larger than it actually is. But if you wish for adding a style or personality in the kitchen, you can use a brighter color for your cabinets or even some appliances. By the way, a recent prediction for future popular colors suggests that natural shades, pastels, and bold colors will be the next popular colors for your country kitchen.

2. Make it look more interesting with patterns

Patterns Kitchen

The next thing you can consider to do for your country kitchen design is to use patterns in order to give a more interesting look to the kitchen. Although a country kitchen more commonly uses plain decorations, like plaid blankets or blank tweed, giving patterns to decorate it makes your kitchen look better. Giving stripes can provide more personality to the kitchen you own, and the same thing can also be done by using floral pattern, woodland pattern, or farm animal prints in the kitchen. The pattern is not limited to be put on the wall, but also includes the tea towels, mugs, or other kitchen accessories that are visible. Always make sure to be creative all the time to gain the best result, okay?

3. Use traditional appliances for the kitchen

Traditional Kitchen

Well, it is not called a country kitchen without reason. A proper country kitchen uses traditional appliances to create a traditional look which is typical to the design. Most people do this kind of approach to make their kitchen look more perfect, although it is not actually necessary. However, it is a good thing to do since it makes your kitchen looks way more authentic!

When choosing the perfect appliances, there is one thing you need to understand. Well, when choosing, make sure you don’t choose an appliance just because it is old since the age usually does not contribute to how the kitchen would look like. Instead, pick a kitchen appliance with a retro design since it works better in terms of making your kitchen look more authentic. Well, those were how you make a country kitchen design!