Cool Designs for your Kitchen

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There are several cool kitchen designs you can follow to make yours look cool too! Obviously, owning a good-looking kitchen is a thing that everyone wants. Well, if you want one as well, you don’t have to worry! By reading this article, you can understand the things to make it look cool!

1. Use multipurpose table

Use multipurpose table Kitchen

Everyone needs a table in the kitchen to serve and enjoy the food. Unfortunately, a large table can take so much space and makes your business in your kitchen strict. Well, to fix it and to make your kitchen look cooler than it presently is, you can opt to use a multipurpose table equipped with wheels under the legs. The multipurpose table on wheels is very useful for your kitchen since it can save space, you can tuck the table to create a breakfast bar when you want to, and it can also be rolled out to make more formal dining occasion possible. The design of the kitchen is named Pangaea by two designers from Portland, Richard and Linnaea Bursch.

2. Use wallpaper

Use wallpaper

Indeed, only a few people would put wallpaper for their kitchen for one clear reason. The reason why they don’t put wallpaper in the kitchen is that there is a fear that the wallpaper would get stained by the splatters of foods, oils, and greases since those things are commonly found in the kitchen. However, putting wallpaper is actually quite a good idea to make a kitchen look cooler if it is done properly. One of the cool kitchen designs utilizes wallpaper perfectly by making sure that the wallpaper is not positioned near the kitchen sink or is not used as a backsplash. By doing this, the wallpaper will be long-lasting and be able to make it look better!

3. Expose the ceiling

Expose the ceiling

Okay, this might sound radical, but it is not a bad idea to get rid of the low ceiling situated on the kitchen! By showing the wooden ceiling, you can make your kitchen look more pleasing in terms of aesthetics. The raw wood rafters on your house would look incredibly beautiful if coupled with a kitchen, but make sure that the colors between the kitchen and the kitchen match! This kind of configuration works well, especially if your kitchen utilizes wood furniture extensively.

4. Lounge-style


As another way to design a cool kitchen, you might want to follow the design made by Ben Awes. The architect designs a kitchen to look like a lounge, hence its name. He combines a formal dining room with the kitchen in order to increase the size to three times of its original. He also uses white leather banquette smack dab and he puts it at the middle of the kitchen in order to facilitate family gatherings that could become too large for a standard kitchen. Between the banquette, there is a slab table made of black graphic granite. Well, those were the cool kitchen designs you can use to make your kitchen look great as well!