Compact Kitchen Design for Small Space

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A compact kitchen design is perfect if you have a small kitchen space. These six designs below will maximize the current space you have without removing the important elements that should be in a kitchen. Each design requires a different budget because of the number of furniture it needs, so pick the one that suits your budget.

The common L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchen is probably the most common kitchen design. Compared to other designs, this design is arguably the most functional and optimal one in utilizing small space. The L-shaped kitchen set is made to maximize every corner of your kitchen, cooking flow, and air circulation on the area so you can cook freely without any obstruction.

U-shaped kitchen for an in-between room

U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is perfect if you don’t have a separated living room and dining room. You can use this design to separate the two room. This design will make the kitchen more functional and give an elegant impression. The size of your kitchen space should be well measured so it won’t interrupt the function of the other rooms, creating a functioning kitchen, and beautify the interior of your house at the same time.

G-shaped kitchen for a slightly bigger space

G-shaped kitchen

If you have a not too small or big space, then this design is perfect for you. Basically, the ideas of the design are similar to the U-shaped kitchen design. What makes the G-shaped design different is the additional part at one of either end of the design. You can add furniture like islands or mini bar so it can add space for 2 to 3 people.

The fancy Island kitchen design

Island kitchen design

This kitchen design will create a fancy and elegant impression on your kitchen. The idea of this design is to utilize cabinets on the wall that encircle the island table on the center. This design is usually preferred on a bigger space but you can still manage to use this design by considering the size of the furniture that you will use. Compared to other designs, the island kitchen design usually cost more money.

Corridor or double-line kitchen

double-line kitchen

The double-line kitchen is a food design is very good for any kitchen size. This is because this design is considered the most flexible kitchen design. One of the two lines near the wall will have cabinets installed and the other usually have a kitchen sink or additional stove (such as an electric stove). The two line will create a corridor that separate two sides that can be used for a different purpose. The width between the two lines can be adjusted based on the size of the area.

The standard single line

The standard single line

This design is probably the most unattractive compared to the others but it utilizes the least furniture, so it is best if you have a small space and want to save money. In the line, usually, there is a countertop, kitchen sink, and stove. This is the most compact kitchen design compared to the others mentioned above.