Fancy Home: South Carolina Charleston Style

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If you are interested in South American architecture, Charleston style home plans will never disappoint you. Although South Carolina has various types of architecture as the history behind it is very rich, Charleston will always bring up the perfect neoclassical low country homes. It will magically turns your home to be wonderful while it can feed your hunger for arts.

Fancy Home South Carolina Charleston

Beautifull Fancy Home

Fancy Home South Carolina Charleston Style

Fancy Home

Beautifull Fancy Home South Carolina Charleston Style

What Is Charleston Style?

Charleston home style comes from South Carolina as it is very varied, since it has over 2,000 antebellum home-design collections. The range of styles is very wide, yet if you have to choose one that is most well-known, you can opt for Charleston Single House. To bold up the Tennessee vibe, it is highly recommended for you to have a grandeur faux front door, for it will make your home look more luxurious. Usually, the complex of the house will be stacked up with piazzas, the perfect example of South neighborhood to strengthen the Charleston Peninsula, one art that telltales Georgian, Italianate homes for the federals. The point of Charleston is to live in style, those of the Greek Revival homes and aristocrats, all the fancy and classical looks with its own unique elements. However, you can always modify or alter the home design if you prefer a more modern sketch, it can always be adjusted to your own needs.

How to Gain Charleston Style?

If you are into a home that screams southern, then Charleston home plans will be perfect for you. First thing first, you need a sprawling front porch with a matching fence – one of white picket will be the right choice. Not only that, you can match it up with shutters, the small little detail that should not be missed if you want to capture the charm of Charleston city as well as the southern dream. However, worry not, because you can portray the historical features within modernity. Instead of the typical single porch, you can pretty it up with multiple levels of porches. More often than not, Charleston has been design to have ample amounts of porches. This will large up the scale if you happen to have a long yet narrow lot.

One thing you should not forget is: keep it classy. Opt for elegant palette of colors, such as white, warm chocolate or other vintage colors. You can appeal it with customized style yet functional floor, patching it up with your own vibe through the ornaments. You may start from a rocking chair, because nothing smells southern enough than that. Besides, you can install a porch swing on your front porch. Aside that, a beautiful garden, such as peach tree or palm tree will bold up the lowcountry vibe. As the floor plans, Charleston style is heavy with the family-friendly tone that it usually owns two-story building. Charleston style home plans are very much distinguishing, for common home will opt for minimal looks, but Charleston is thick of something grandeur, expensive looking, in which the home has many spacious room, especially one for the living room.