Castle Home Plans

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If you love to live in luxury, then castle home plans will be the perfect home design for you. Back then, the floor plans for castles are made carefully because it matters, since they have to build a strong fortress to avoid the enemies’ attacks. The shift also occurs in its architectural designs. At that time, most of the castles are made in square; the shape is perfect for defense. However, as time goes by, the techniques as well as the ideas are evolving, that nowadays people preserve the history in form of castle home, where the shape turns to round structure, as it is more stronger and suitable to keep up with the power engines.

Castle Home Plans

Castle Home Plans

Castle House Plans

Castle Home

There are many types of castle homes, but the point of the castle houses is to pinpoint the prestige and luxury of the ones living inside. That is why, more often than not, a castle home needs a lot of space to boasts its outstanding and grandeur look. However, you can always look into medieval designs, those that bold out the lives of Kings and Queens. For the foundation, you can make it with stone or even wooden, middle east or European crafts, it all depends on your own preference.

More often than not, it takes around 5,000 – 7,000 squares for the space, as the home will have 5 bedrooms, 6 bath rooms within two story building. Not only that, you will have 5 car garages, everything comes out grand. As you come into the house, you will be greeted by a large porch that is flanked in between luxurious verandas. In addition, you will be pleased by the sight of porte cochere, one small thing which is important to strengthen the royal look.

Inside the house, spacious bedrooms with beautiful curtains will pretty it up. If you often have a visitor, you can always add a guest room, one with a sitting area with a huge balcony for a sight-seeing onto your garden. The sitting area will also be useful as a reading corner, with sophisticated yet simple racks of books against the wall. An elegant double spiral staircase is a must, for it will be the first thing to push your guests into awe as it will lead their way to the second floor.

The main point of the house is the main living triangles: family room, kitchen and dining room. All are important as unique kitchen sets will point out the vintage vibe. You can also have your own work or study room, one with a fireplace connected to the master suite. In addition, a grand foyer as well as ceiling tower that are accessible to the dining room and patio out front will be perfect. The rest of the castle home plans can be adjusted according to your own needs, such as a private library, game room, exercise room as well as master bathrooms. You may also wing it with matching decorations, i.e paintings, photographs, wall bookshelves, walk-in cedar closets and many more.