Mistakes you need to Avoid to Build a Perfect Kitchen

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To build a kitchen is to design and plan perfectly. Without perfect planning, it is highly possible that you would turn the kitchen into a messy chaos. Well, to make matters worse, there are several mistakes that most people do. Fortunately, you can avoid them by reading this article!

Making the kitchen too big

Making the kitchen too big

Making the kitchen Design too big

It is okay to have a large kitchen, but it is absolutely not okay to have an overly large kitchen. No matter how big a kitchen is, it is important to save your steps by making it compact enough to do so. Walking a hundred meters just to take a box of cereal is not a desirable thing to do when you are in the kitchen, is it? It is better to make it as compact as possible, but if you still want to have a large kitchen, you need to do a thing to make your kitchen be able to save your steps. Well, you need to figure out the area of the kitchen where it would receive a heavy amount of activities, including meal preparation and dining. Designing a breakfast nook is a perfect way to make your kitchen step-saving.

Not creating aisles with enough width

beautiful kitchen

kitchen aisles

Okay, although the previous paragraph states that a kitchen should be built as compact as possible, you also need to make sure that its size does not obstruct you from moving through the kitchen. You need to create kitchen aisles with enough space to allow you and other family members to move in and out. By having a wide clearance, a cook will work more efficiently and easily when carrying the foods he/she is about to cook and serve the ready to serve ones.

So, what is the ideal aisle width you need to have to build a kitchen? All of the aisles available in the kitchen must have a width of at least 42 to 48 inches wide (1.06 to 1.2 meters wide). If you design them with less than those numbers, be prepared to bump each other when you are in the kitchen!

Prioritizing aesthetics instead of function

beautiful kitchen (2)

beautiful kitchen

Well, everyone wishes for a beautiful kitchen, and no one would be brave enough to deny that. True, it is good to have a good-looking kitchen, but it is even better to have a functioning kitchen that serves its purpose properly. Make sure that you consider every parts and spacing in your kitchen since you would want the cabinet door hit your refrigerator every time you open it just for the sake of beauty and aesthetics. Also, make sure not to litter the kitchen with fancy pieces of hardware just because it looks good.

Suddenly making a change after the work starts

beautiful kitchen design

Before you start building, make sure you incorporate all of the design ideas in the blueprint! The reason why it is inadvisable to create a sudden change is that it could elevate the total cost you need to pay for. Furthermore, it would add more time you need to build the kitchen. Well, those were the mistakes you should avoid in order to build a kitchen!