Pros and Cons of Black Kitchen Cabinets

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Okay, not all people love black kitchen cabinets, but the numbers of people who love them are quite high as well. Each of the sides has their own reasons, but the main ones will be mentioned in this article. You might want to read it if you are considering to own black cabinets for your house.


There is one reason that makes black looks like an excellent color for the cabinets in your kitchen. Below you will find the reason. This reason is the most popular one and is considered by most people to be the main reason why they paint their kitchen cabinets black.

  • Black cabinets look timeless

The reason why black cabinets in the kitchen always find their places in the heart of many people is that they always look great and are not restricted by the era and the atmosphere. To put it simply, black always looks great anywhere and anytime. Whether your house has a modern or Victoria design, black cabinets always look magnificent in their place. This reason alone can become the strongest argument why people love to paint their kitchen cabinets in black, a mystical yet charming color. Well, now you can paint your kitchen black too after learning this one, right?

Black cabinets

Black cabinets Interior

However, the opinion above only works if you use the right color and the right combination with other colors around them. Black kitchen cabinets can also look extremely unappealing if you do not combine them with the right color found around the room. The best way to do this is to combine them with a kitchen which has a contrasting color, for example, yellow. A dramatic contrast always looks good for your kitchen, especially if it has black cabinets!


Alright, it is arguable that black looks great, but it is not exactly perfect either. Black also has some weaknesses as a color to paint the kitchen cabinets. You will find some of the cons below.

  • Black cabinets make your kitchen looks smaller than it actually is

If you are familiar with fashion rules, then, you will understand that wearing darker colors will make you look slimmer than you actually are. On the other hand, do you know that the rule mentioned earlier also applies to room color since black painting also makes the room looks smaller than its actual size? Well, it also happens when you decide to put black cabinets in your kitchen and it will shrink the size of it. Black absorbs light and makes the room looks smaller since not enough lighting is available.

Black cabinets make your kitchen

Black cabinets make your kitchen (2)

  • Black cabinets demand a huge amount of cleaning and maintenance

Do you know that black cabinets also need to be cleaned very often since dust and foods tend to stick to their surface more easily? Although, yeah, most people would argue that white gets dirty faster and more frequently, contrary to popular belief, black is the fastest color that gets stained. You will have to spend more time to clean them. Well, those were the pros and cons of black kitchen cabinets!

Cabinet cleaning and maintenance

Black Cabinet cleaning and maintenance