What should be on Your Small Garden Based on The Better Homes and Gardens Show

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Have you watched the Better Homes and Gardens Show? If you have, then you know that the design of houses and gardens on the show are very interesting. Most of them are simple yet complex at the same time, especially the small garden. If you have a small garden space and want it similar to that on the show, then you should pay attention to some important elements that should be in a garden.

The condition of the soil

Beautifull Small Garden

Small GardenWhen designing a garden, especially a small garden, you should pay close attention to the water flow when raining. The water flow may create a problem if you design your garden carelessly. On the show, many small gardens don’t have water puddles because they have a good water draining system. To support your small garden to avoid water puddle, you can create a small hole called biopori so the water absorption will be improved, important to tackle the overflowing water in the rainy season.

Create a paving

Relaxing Garden

Beautifull Garden For Relaxing

Deciding to pave your garden will take some things to consider. If you want your garden to be your relaxing spot or a place for your children to play outside, then paving your garden is a wise choice. You don’t have to fully pave your garden, just pave the garden path and some area dedicated to a playground or relaxing spot. Another function of paving is to avoid your flowers and plants from damage.

Adjust your design with the available space

Design Garden

Design Garden Home

This is the most basic thing to do before deciding the design of your garden. With a small space, you will have limited option but it surely won’t limit you to have a beautiful and stunning garden. Make sure that You pick the right size of plants, stones, and any components so that it won’t overwhelm the garden and make your garden look messy.

Small garden design planner Using small plants And small rock

Small Garden Place

In some episodes of the show, some gardens utilize small plants as decoration. This is a perfect solution for a garden with a small space because you can’t use a big tree such as palm. You can play with the color and the thickness of the plant so your garden will have that necessary dynamic and color tone.

Small garden design tips : Pay attention to the direction of the sunlight

Garden House

Garden of the sunlight

What is important in a garden is the plant and sunlight is very important for your plant to live. When designing your small garden, a good way is to install your garden in one of any roofless spot you have on your house. If you don’t have any, then you can try placing a garden around a big window. With enough sunlight, the plant on your garden can maintain its thickness and color.

Having a small space for your garden shouldn’t be a problem. If you paying attention to all of the elements above, then you will have no problem to maintain and creating your desired garden. Better Homes and Gardens Show offer you a lot of inspiration about small garden design and most of them usually use the elements above so no wonder they look beautiful and very attractive.