Best Bedroom Ideas a la College Dorm

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Creating that college dorm feeling on your bedroom can create a better feeling. You can also reminisce the day when you go to your campus, doing assignments, and many more. Here are some best bedroom decor ideas that can be applied to your current bedroom.

Place the bed near the wall

bed near the wall

bed near the wall 2

The position of the bed is crucial. You have to place it in the most comfortable place, so you can’t place your bed carelessly. This is because good sleep leads to a better health. One of the best position is to place your bed headboard into any sides of your wall. If you have a small room, you can place the side of your bed into a wall. But you should avoid walls that bordering your bathroom. This is because the cold air radiated from the bathroom wall can evaporate into your bed and it is not good for your health.

Place a mirror as decoration

mirror as decoration

A mirror is a good item as a decoration for your room. It can make your room feel bigger, especially if you put a big mirror at any available corner on your room. It also acts as a great light reflector so your room won’t be gloomy.

Installing a wallpaper or wall covering

wallpaper or wall covering

Wallpaper or wall covering is a good way to decorate your room. It is also cheaper too, compared to painting your room. With modern wallpaper, you don’t have to peel the paint on your wall. You can also play with the motive and when installed, you don’t have to worry to stick some posters or sticker into the wallpaper.

Using photos as decoration

photos as decoration

If framed photos bore you, then you can make collages as an alternative. Print any memorable photos you have and stick it into any sides of your room with a collage style. This decoration is detachable so you can change it once you are bored with it.

Using decorative lights

decorative lights

Decorative lights can create a spectacular feeling and ambiance. You can apply the decorative lights solely as it is, or you can use it as a decoration to your frames. The decorative lights is a very flexible decoration because you can shape it to any shape you want be it a pattern, or a writing. You can also combine them with origami to create better decoration. Make sure that the wall is dry and don’t have high moisture so the lamp won’t be damaged. Also, you should pay attention to the length of your decorative wall because a half-finished decoration won’t do you any good and can make your bedroom look messy and unattractive.

Designing an A la college dorm bedroom is not as difficult as you may think. This type of design is perfect for a bedroom with a small space. You can play with the decorations and stuff but you can’t put your bed carelessly. The a la college dorm bedroom is one of the best bedroom decor ideas if you have a small and narrow space.