Wooden Master bedroom cabinet design ideas

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If you need bedroom cabinet design ideas for your master bedroom, this inspiration below can help you to find one that fits with your requirement.

The wooden bedroom cabinet design inspiration

The wooden bedroom cabinet design inspiration

The wooden bedroom cabinet design

TV for cabinet bedroom

The wooden bedroom cabinet design idea

Master bedroom is the most personal room where guests are not welcome in this space. The décor and furniture in the bedroom are only for us. Not only a bed, but the cabinet is also another element in the bedroom that becomes an indispensable furniture piece.

• Wall to the wall cabinet. This is a stylish wooden cabinet that create with different color shade and texture in the wood elements. With size into full wall length, it gives ample storage. The cabinet open is near to bed with sliding door that makes you easier to reach in the morning.

• Graphic art on door cabinet. If you have a wooden cabinet and need more art to make your bedroom not too much “wood” dominant, you can choose this graphic art in the cabinet door. With this, you do not need any decoration wall as the cabinet height is as close as with the ceiling. You can use the upper storage with open storage or door. In this example, the wooden cabinet as original dark color wood elements in the middle and white graphic tree in both sides. The upper drawer is painted with white to elaborate with the graphic art.

• Built-in wooden cabinet. This is a beautiful all-long wall built in wooden cabinet that stunning and enhances the room beauty for the master bedroom. The entire room is painted with light white color. The built-in a wooden cabinet designed with a mirror that creates 2 lines in the bottom and upper of the cabinet. The cabinet element colored with natural wood shade, white and also with the mirror.

• Optimizing the space use. If you want to maximize the space in your bedroom, then you try this idea by combining the built-in wooden cabinet with a TV stand. The cabinet is on the wall side where door located so it will create empty space for the door. Right to the door, the TV stand is also designed with display shelf to display any collections or decors item. The right to TV stand, the cabinet drawer is available to store clothes. The upper space added with a closed drawer for pieces of stuff that rare to use such as shoe collections, bags, and others.

Bedroom cabinet design ideas for small bedroom

Bedroom cabinet design for small bedroom

Bedroom cabinet design ideas for small bedroom

Small bedroom design cabinet

If you have a small bedroom, then corporate bedroom cabinet will be a tricky thing. You need to find a cabinet that perfect to match with your small space and entirely bedroom décor.

• Go back the bed. This is perfect for you who want to maximize the use of your wall. Create the opened cabinet with iron skeleton and drawers. For drawers, its use in both side and the upper side has floating shelves for store the rattan or basket. For the middle, hang colorful clothes and uses it as a bed headboard.

• Lift up the bed. This is the modest bed storage recently with the storage built-in under the bed.

• Bed frame storage. This is perfect for store jacket, shoes, and sweaters. You also can store blanket and other heavy stuff.

• Use corner. Corner often forget to use and becomes empty space in the most room. Use it as storage option with the built-in wooden cabinet.